Panasonic  KXVC 1300 with gpvd 170(12X camera)
  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Type: VC
Product Features
  • mic vca 001 Digital mike (1+3 Users) analogue Mic /4x camera
  • Panasonic KXVC 1300 with gpvd 131(4X camera) and mic vca 002 analogue mike
  • 03-Site Connection, Multicast, Dual Network
  • Participation in videoconferences using mobile devices*
  • Meetings can be held while displaying images of your site, the other party
  • Broadband Stereo Full Duplex Audio*, High quality video Full-HD 1080/60p*
  • Smooth 2-way conversation with broadband stereo and unique Echo Canceller
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Other brand device compatibility and MCU interoperability
  • Low Bandwidth Communication Support, External Control Interface, Recording Capability
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